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Calcium and vitamin D are two of the most reaching nutrients our body needs affecting muscles, bones, thyroid, brain, heart, hormones, colon, breast and more. Calcium and vitamin D regulation may also contribute to the development of faulty ovarian follicle development in women with PCOS, resulting in reproductive and menstrual dysfunction. A deficiency of vitamin D may be more frequent in women with PCOS and in a small study, five of thirteen women had an overt vitamin D deficiency. Seven of the nine women with no menses or infrequent menses had a return to a normal menstrual cycle within two months of being given 50,000 IU once or twice per week of vitamin D and 1,500 mg per day of calcium.

Maca is a herb cultivated in the central Peruvian Andes at 12,000-14,000 feet. Maca has been classified by some as a potential adaptogen – a rare class of herb that generally impacts the adrenal glands to help the body deal with stress and fatigue. However, research over the last fourteen years has demonstrated that there are in fact 13 different types, or phenotypes, of maca that can be different colors, have different DNA, different analytical profiles, and most importantly, different physiological effects on the body.

Traditionally the Peruvian’s simply mixed all the different types of maca together, in the natural ratios that they grow, and made it into a powder and said that is maca, however, what we have found over the last 14 years, is that, that combination or ratio focuses primarily on energy and the adrenals. Whereby having the potential to make the hormone imbalance of testosterone and estrogen experienced by women with PCOS worse! As many Doctors and patients who have tried standard maca powders can attest.

However, excitingly, over the last 14 years over 60 medical journal publications on individual maca phenotypes or novel combinations have proven that each phenotype of maca can impact different parts of the body and have different physiological effects. In fact, there are specific types or combinations which don’t just impact the adrenals but rather the entire HPAO Axis – which is critical for PCOS where you are wanting to rebalance testosterone and estrogen as well as blood sugar (insulin and glucagon) and metabolism – all controlled by the Hypothalamus. This has given rise to novel maca products specifically for prostate inflammation or sperm production in men and other maca phenotype formulas for menopause, fertility, bone health and hormone balance in women.

Using the right phenotype has proven to be so critical, it can mean the difference between a positive and a negative outcome when addressing PCOS.

Femmenessence MacaHarmony is specifically formulated for three things:

  1. To support the HPAO Axis and balance and regulate hormones*
  2. To support menstrual health*
  3. To support reproductive health*

Our team of doctors and health professional at Symphony Natural Health  specialize in women’s hormone health and PCOS and are able to answer medical questions provide you with health guides and our PCOS email support program, optimal product recommendations, and guidance to help you find a local practitioner who specializes in PCOS  It’s important to remember that there are so many variables that exist with PCOS that it may take some time to discover your best solution, but with the right information and support you can decide on the right solution for you. Our Medical Team has worked with thousands of women for positive results and very happy outcomes in conceiving their Femmenessence Baby.

Another Femmenessence Baby is on the way!

“I have been in touch with this customer for 12 months. It took some time to balance her hormones, but she was patient and basically took every bit of advice to heart. So much fun to hear these stories!”


Before I recommend hormones or herbs, I begin the process of supporting a patient’s hormonal balance with Femmenessence. In conjunction with lifestyle modification, this plant-based intervention serves to re-educate the complex feedback loops between her brain and endocrine system. In this way, we are leveraging the power of natural medicine to heal. In 6 years of clinical use of this product, the results, within two cycles, remain astounding.”*

Kelly Brogan, M.D. – New York, NY

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