Main Character Baby Girl Names for Your Leading Lady

Anyone who’s welcomed a baby into the world knows it’s a life-changing event. Suddenly, your priorities shift and there’s nothing more important to you than this little bundle of pure joy. They quickly become the center of your world, the keeper of your heart, and your reason for trying to be the best version of yourself every day. They are the new star of your show.

What better way to celebrate this important little one than by gifting her a name that encompasses what she means to you? A main character baby name feels fitting because that’s exactly what your newborn is to you. The “main character energy” trend emerged on social media in 2020 and describes anyone who effortlessly exudes confidence and all but demands attention, without even lifting a finger. They are, in short, the main character of their story.

With this notion in mind, we put together a list of show-stopping names for baby girls that fit this trend. It’s full of names of some of our favorite actual characters, some influential celebrities, and even some that just stop you in your tracks and make you say, “That’s an interesting name!” If you’re gearing up to welcome a new little starlet, consider one of these 40+ baby names that give main character energy.

Main Character Baby Girl Names


Speaking of influential celebrities, right off the bat, we’re channeling the iconic R&B artist Aaliyah. Not only was her career expensive enough to land her name a spot on our list, but her Arabic title, nearly by definition, embodies main character energy with the meaning of “rising,” “sublime,” “exalted,” and “highborn.”


Perfect for a new jewel in your life is this name shared with a precious violet quartz stone. The Greek word translates to “intoxicate.”


Because you’ll have so much “love” for your new little girl, consider giving her this gorgeous Spanish name.


Inspired by our favorite non-Disney animated movie, this baby name comes from the true tragic story of the Russian Grand Duchess and heiress to the Romanov fortune. The stunning Greek name means “resurrection.”


“Boy” names for girls are all the rage these days, and we couldn’t be more on board with that. Inspired by the sisters in Jane Austen’s celebrated novel, Pride and Prejudice, is a name charming enough to elicit a hand flex by Mr. Darcy.


A unique option to be sure, people with this Welsh name, meaning ‘white raven,’ are just about as few and far between as the bird of the animal kingdom. 


Few artists have quite the dedicated followers as Celine Dion. Because your “heart will go on” loving your little girl for years and years to come, give her this elegant title meaning “heavenly.”


Perhaps one of the most well-known main characters who donned a pair of magical red slippers. This old-fashioned girl name, meaning “gift of God,” is always a wonderful choice—and can be shortened to the adorable nickname Dot.


As short and sweet as it is mighty, this name elicits feelings of love and is perfect for a sweet star of the show. Plus, it’s the namesake of a Disney Channel leading lady, Dove Cameron.


Fans of The Vampire Diaries know her as the villain of all villains, but that doesn’t mean Nina Dobrev’s second character of the show doesn’t deserve to be celebrated. Especially considering this historic Russian title holds the meaning of “pure.”

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While not seen as the main character, it can be argued that the story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame wouldn’t be the story we grew up on without the lovely and noble Esmerelda. The feminine name of Portuguese and Spanish origin refers to the color “emerald.”


Just like finding out you’ll be welcoming a new little girl, this regal name is sure to be a “messenger of good news.”


A fun inclusion, we’re, of course, inspired by the one-of-a-kind princess in Shrek. The Irish and Gaelic name means “fair” or “pale.”


As far as geographical baby names go, India may be one of the loveliest. Inspired by the country full of rich culture, the Sanskrit title refers to “from the Indus River.”


For a little girl fit to wear a gold crown, consider giving her this imperial title meaning “precious stone.”


One of Shakespeare’s most well-known characters, Juliet is a name that’s celebrated all around the world. The Latin title holds the meaning of “youthful.”


Because your love for your little girl will be “evergreen,” perhaps she needs this name referring to the berry-studded Cyprus tree.


A gorgeous Arabic title, Khadijah is sure to turn some heads at the sound of her name. With noble connotations to match, the name means “trustworthy” and “respect.”


A name that feels both delicate and strong always exudes main character energy. Another Arabic inclusion, this enchanting moniker means “dark” and “night.”


A name more fit for a princess would be hard to come by, especially for Star Wars fans. Her short but sweet name has ties to Hebrew, Hawaiian, Assyrian, and Latin origins, meaning “weary,” “heavenly flowers,” “mistress,” and “lioness,” respectively.


Draw inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow by giving your little one a fruit-inspired baby name. Just as cute as Apple, Lemon is as adorable as it is intriguing.


Home of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London, and more, this geographical name has ‘main character’ written all over it.


One of our favorite main characters to watch year after year for her wit and charm is Lorelai Gilmore of Gilmore Girls. Her elegant and historical name fittingly means “alluring temptress.”


Another main character from one of our favorite childhood films comes with a title that’s fit for a brave little girl. It holds the meaning of “mighty in battle.”


Much like Esmerelda, the Disney film Hercules wouldn’t be as memorable as it is without the female lead, Megara. Of course, this story has actual ties to Greek Mythology where Megara is known to be the wife of Hercules. The edgy title means “grudge.”


Adding to the list of main character baby girl names inspired by Disney films, Merida refers to the story of the headstrong Scot in Brave. What’s even better is that it has the powerful meaning of “one who has achieved high honor.”


Many of us have grown up right alongside Miley Cyrus through all of the ups and downs. The nostalgia of her name for many of us makes the title, meaning “proud chief,” a great option for our own little girls.

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If you were as excited as we were to see the reunion of our favorite The Devil Wears Prada trio at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, Miranda should certainly be on your list of baby name considerations. Inspired by none other than the iconic Miranda Priestly, is this name meaning “worthy of admiration.”


Ensure your little girl achieves great accomplishments with this classic name, meaning “wealthy.”


Another geographical inclusion is brought to us by both the City of Love and the socialite who has forever embodied main character energy, Paris Hilton.


Coming to us from an early 2000s television show with several notable main characters as sister witches, Charmed, is this occupational title. Because your little one is sure to cast a spell to capture your heart the first time you set eyes on her, she’s deserving of this unique name, meaning “flute player.”


Exuding wealth, sophistication, and, of course, all things main character, we see influential characters with this name in works like Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, as well as modern TV shows like The White Lotus and Bridgerton.  


While much of the time Elvis was the star of the show, his ex-wife Priscilla has also made a name for herself. The alluring moniker means “ancient.”


As far as unique names go, Saoirse is certainly one to consider. Pronounced “Seer-Sha,” this lovely Irish and Gaelic title means “freedom.”


With two highly influential Selenas at the top of mind, this name meaning “the moon” was an obvious inclusion. Whether you’re inspired by the “Queen of Tejano Music,” Selena Quintanilla, the fan-favorite actress, Selena Gomez, or both, you can’t go wrong.


What would a list of main character baby names be without including Star? A little girl with the celestial style baby name is sure to brighten every night for you just like the stars in the sky—or on the red carpet!


A name just as lovely as it sounds comes from the Choctaw Native American Tribe and means “leaping water.”  


Names that start with V tend to give main character energy. It’s especially true for this Sanskrit inclusion meaning “knowledge” and “wisdom.” It’s also the name of one of our favorite ’90s movie characters, Veda Sultenfuss from My Girl.


Inspired by tennis star Venus Williams and the Greek goddess of love, a leading lady is sure to emerge with a name like this.


Pronounced “Yeh-SEH-Nee-Ah,” this Arabic baby name has a meaning as lovely as it sounds with “floral.”


Literary fans will recognize this name not as a main character but as an influential author of works such as Their Eyes Were Watching God. The standalone author has a Slavic title that means “dawn.”

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