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When I had my second daughter in 2021, I was pretty set on baby gear. I held onto most of the items I used with my first daughter, like my Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair. However, I decided that one of the upgrades I wanted to make was to get a new crib. The existing crib had already been a hand-me-down when it made its way to me. It was definitely showing its wear with teething marks and scratched paint.

Before making a purchase, I made a list of what I was looking for in a new crib. I was looking for one that was made from safe materials, high-quality and minimalistic design, convertible to a toddler bed, and reasonably priced.

After some research, I landed on the Babyletto Gelato 4-in-1 Convertible Crib to meet my criteria. And I must say: I have been so, so pleased with my choice. Keep reading for my full honest review of the Babyletto Gelato Convertible Crib, including why it checked all the boxes on my list and continued to impress me through years of use.

The Babyletto Gelato Crib: Design & Materials

It’s Greenguard Gold Certified and made from renewable wood

The main reason I wanted to replace my previous hand-me-down crib was that I wanted something I could ensure was made of safe materials so that the air she’s breathing is healthy. The Babyletto Gelato crib is Greenguard Gold certified, which means it’s been thoroughly tested for more than 10,000 chemical emissions and VOCs. Since I was buying something new, I also wanted to make sure I was supporting a product designed sustainably. This crib fits the bill, as it’s made from renewable New Zealand pine wood.

It’s well-made with a sleek, Scandinavian design

It’s important to me to make purchases that I think can last for the long haul. Though I am not planning to have any more kids, I wanted to make sure this piece of furniture would hold up to the tough wear and tear my baby would be putting it through for a few years. I likely won’t be passing it on to a future child of my own, but it’s stayed in great condition and can be passed along to a friend or family member, donated, or resold. Unlike my first crib, the paint on this piece of furniture managed not to scuff or chip. So, it’s in great (and safe) shape for its future users.

Additionally, I wanted something minimalist and aesthetically pleasing to counteract the chaos the nursery can become. This crib has a sleek Scandinavian design with its basic feet, posts, and spindles. I also loved that the white crib had natural wood feet, which tied together various pieces of furniture in my baby’s room. In addition to the white color, the Gelato Crib is also available in walnut, washed natural with black or natural spindles, honey, and forest green.

Is the Babyletto Gelato Crib made from real wood?

The Gelato Crib is made from sturdy, sustainable New Zealand pine.

Is the Babyletto Gelato crib made in China?

Babyletto manufactures their furniture and bedding in China and Taiwan. All products meet voluntary ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards in addition to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations, according to their support page.

babyletto gelato convertible crib review
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The Babyletto Gelato Crib: Functionality & Price

It’s easily convertible

In addition to wanting to make purchases for the long haul, I also want to make purchases with more than one use. The Babyletto Gelato is a 4-in-1 piece, which means it converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed with materials that come from just the one purchase. With an additional conversion kit, the crib can be made into a full-sized bed. It is also easy to adjust the mattress height up and down as your baby goes from the newborn stage to pulling themselves up into a standing position. The crib has a universal mattress fit, so I could easily use my Newton baby crib mattress, which I also loved.

It’s reasonably priced

I didn’t want to skimp on quality, but had a budget of $500 or below for this purchase. Bringing a new baby into the world is already so expensive between hospital bills, daycare, and feeding supplies. Many of the recommended cribs I came across were going for around $1,000. I wanted to avoid spending that much with all the other expenses coming my way. This beautiful, well-made crib came in well under budget at just $299 for the white (the washed natural wood also came in under my budget at $399). I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the price tag for this sturdy piece of furniture.

Does a Newton mattress fit in the Babyletto Gelato crib?

The Gelato is a standard-sized crib, so the Newton Crib Mattress fits, along with any other standard-sized crib mattress. 

Where to buy the Babyletto Gelato Crib

Is the Babyletto Gelato Crib worth it?

In considering this Babyletto Gelato Convertible Crib review as a whole, you can probably tell how pleased I am with my decision to purchase it for baby number two. I’ve recommended this same crib to multiple other new moms and have only gotten positive feedback from them. If you’re looking for something beautiful, sustainable, and still affordable, the Babyletto Gelato is the perfect addition to your nursery. 

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