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Symphony Natural Health is a recognized global leader and expert in identifying and providing nature’s most beneficial, clinically proven, natural products. In order to create the best products in the world, we understand that every step is important and all quality products begin with the seed.

That is why we control every aspect of product development and quality control:

We begin with the plant – from choosing the ideal plant species, sub-species or phenotype – to specific growing locations (country, elevation, environment, rainfall and soil) – to seed selection – to soil quality – to organic farming techniques.

Then we customize harvesting methods according to the development phase of the plant, including diurnal cycles and lunar cycles, through to drying methods, that all impact efficacy, quality and purity.

Next we look at the biology and chemistry of every plant individually, to create a manufacturing process that concentrates the full spectrum of key active ingredients, without using any chemical solvents or extracts.

Finally, we look at stability which includes storage, packaging and shipping to ensure that maximum efficacy is maintained.

Symphony Natural Health is also diversifying into functional foods, other health related products and health technologies that address, assess, educate and empower people about their health.

Source link: https://symphonynaturalhealth.com/blogs/blog/our-core-values by Clarissa Martinez at symphonynaturalhealth.com