15 Non-Basic Baby Shower Prize Ideas

There are few things more enjoyable than celebrating a friend of loved one who is expecting a baby. Showing support and excitement for the mom-to-be is nearly just as rewarding to us as it is to her. Even more so, planning and hosting a baby shower (including the fun task of narrowing down your baby shower prize ideas!) for a loved one is a labor of love that is well worth it the second we see the smile on her face.

With all the planning that comes with awaiting the arrival of a newborn, it will mean the world to her to take something off of her plate. Not to mention, a celebration in her honor will make her feel extra special. We know she’ll give a sigh of relief if the only task on her baby shower to-do list is sifting through baby shower dresses to find the perfect one. 

Typical baby showers include snacks and drinks, gift opening, and a few fun games. For some inspiration, check out these free printable games. The best way to get attendees involved and excited about the games? Prizes, of course! For the games played at a baby shower, you’ll want to pick out small prizes that your guests will love, are affordable for the host, and are something winners will actually want to receive. 

If you have no idea where to begin, or just want a few more options, look no further. We’ve selected 15 baby shower prize ideas that guests will actually enjoy. 


15 Baby Shower Prizes

When it comes to baby shower prize ideas, there’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars or go too over the top. After all, baby shower guests are there to shower the mom-to-be, not receive gifts themselves. Still, when playing baby shower games, it’s fun to include a small reward for the winner. Check out these baby shower game prize ideas for all the inspiration you need. 


1. Goodie Jars

This option is super simple and one everyone will enjoy. Fill a mason jar with things like nail polishes, lip balm, and under eye patches for a great DIY gift that screams “at-home pamper night.” 

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2. Set of Wine Glasses

Gift them something they’ll get plenty of use out of. Most attendees will likely have a regular set of wine glasses they use at home. Instead of going that route, we think it would be fun to gift a silicone pair that they can take with them out of the house. 


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3. Bath Bombs

The perfect baby shower prize doesn’t have to be extravagant. That’s why we love bath bombs. They’re enjoyable for everyone and give the winner an excuse to take a break with a nice hot bath. 


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4. Pickleball Paddles

Hear us out here: This may seem a little out of the box for baby shower prize ideas, but there’s a good chance if your friends haven’t gotten into pickleball already, they want to. Help them pick up a new hobby with this unique and fun prize idea. 




5. Hand Cream 

The best baby shower game prizes are things the guests would want but wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. A set of nice hand creams is something everyone will love, but isn’t something they’d regularly opt for buying themselves—AKA, the perfect treat! 


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6. A Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a good old fashioned gift card. No one will ever turn down a guilt-free trip to Target, Starbucks, Sephora, or Trader Joe’s. Even a small $10 token is enough to bring excitement to any winner. 


7. Specialty Coffee and a Tumbler

Nearly every attendee will either be a coffee drinker themselves or know someone who is. Gifting specialty coffee and a tumbler they can take with them on the go is as simple as it is practical. 


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8. A Cook Book

A nice cookbook is another small luxury not everyone chooses to buy for themselves. They’re a great option because they’re fairly inexpensive, practical, and double as kitchen decor. With a little digging, you may even find options that fit perfectly into the baby shower theme. 

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9. Hand Towels and a Bottle of Wine

Going the bottle of wine route is always at the top of the list of shower prizes. Step it up a notch by incorporating some fun hand towels to wrap around the bottle for an adorable presentation as well. 

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10. Candles

I know I can’t be the only one who firmly believes you can never have too many candles. Of course, every baby shower guest will have their own scent preferences. However, it’s usually a safe bet to go with common scents like lavender, lemon, or vanilla. And it helps that candles come in so many pretty varieties these days, meaning they can fit into home decor seamlessly! 

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11. Plants or Flowers

No one will ever complain about going home with a new house plant or potted flower. You can opt for something everyone has a chance at keeping alive, like an aloe plant or succulent. Or, go the flower route with something timeless like an orchid. We also love the option of sending all guests home with mini succulents with a small thank you note as baby shower favors.


12. A Luxury Throw Blanket

Gift the baby shower game winners something they’ll reach for again and again with a nice throw blanket. Go for a neutral option so that it will fit nicely with anyone’s home decor.  

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13. A Jewelry Tray

Nearly everyone at a baby shower will benefit from having a gorgeous jewelry tray to put on their nightstand, in their bathroom, or by the kitchen sink. With so many lovely options out there, we recommend finding one that either fits the theme or represents the mom-to-be in some way. 

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14. Spice Kits

If the mom-to-be is a cooking enthusiast, gifting game winners a nice set of spices or spice kit may make the perfect option. Even if she’s not, any guest would be excited to head home with a new set of seasonings to experiment with. 

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15. Coasters

We love the idea of gifting coasters because they’re easy, inexpensive, and there are so many options available. This is another great option to pick out a set that fits the theme, embodies the mom-to-be, or is simply adorable. 

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